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In a city full of apartments, Core Development Group builds unique handcrafted homes. Attention to detail, beautiful finishes and a continuing commitment to our homeowners are just a few of CDG's trademarks. Boutique, intimate living is just a step away.

Our Mission

In the ever changing landscape of contemporary residential and commercial development, the Core Development Group strives to differentiate its projects by building spacious, elegant, handcrafted residences that retain the asthetic and historical qualities of their respective neighborhoods. By maintaining close and personal relationships with our unit owners in the capacity of Property Managers post closing, CDG reaffirms its commitment to our unit buyers quality of life on a daily basis. We are always evolving and looking ahead to the future by incorporating cutting edge technology and the latest innovations of in-home comforts. We are committed to learning both what is desired and more importantly what is needed to create a a positive quality of life and a care free building environment for our unit owners.

As a builder/developer for the last 20 years, President and CEO Josh Guberman has taken boutique, high-end residential development to a new, elevated standard. In a CDG residence you will not find cost-cutting construction techniques, cookie cutter floorplans or conventional finishes. Instead, we provide only the finest craftsmanship and high quality materials in both what you can see, and in what is "within the walls".

From sound attenuating filled concrete block partitions between apartments to diminish noise carry, to electronically controlled radiant heated floors, state of the art security systems, structured wiring for multiple AV and Internet uses to fine Italian Marble countertops and select and clear grade finishing flooring. In every sense of the word, CDG builds lavish homes complete with Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom suites in the truest sense of the word. Step out in a garden of green and warmth, a private terrace or a landscaped rooftop oasis. Relax in front of a cozy fireplace, escape in a jacuzzi bathtub and unwind with state of the art Crestron, Bose, Panasonic or Fujistu Plasma entertainment packages. These are some of some of CDG's trademarks in what is quickly becoming the hottest name in New York City residential Development.

Our entire staff is committed to our buyers, from the time we pour the first truck of concrete through the challenging adjustment period living in our buildings after closings. We are always a phone call away, and nearby for a lifetime. Every member of CDG, from the CEO to the Superintendents of our respective builidngs share this commitment to excellence and thoughtful attentiveness.

We build with quality and integrity combining all the elements of convenience and technology that todays affluent and discriminate buyer is looking for. We craft our projects one home at a time. It is a formula that the industry is taking note of given the uniform success of our outstanding projects.

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