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The Core Development Group has been garnering a lot of attention for both our projects and for our approach to Real Estate Development. Please take a look as some of our recent articles and see what all the fuss is about!

Print Coverage

NY Post

+ NY Post: September 18, 2008

Beauty And The East: It's a Family Feast on The Upper East

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NY Times

+ NY TIMES: July 2, 2006

Rethinking the Balcony

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+ NY TIMES: January 7, 2007

The Lure of Living above it All

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+ NY TIMES: July 13, 2008

Rich but rejected

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Haute Living Magazine

+ Haute Living: April 2007

Hard Core

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+ Haute Living: Spring 2007 to Present

Ambassador Real Estate Columns

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NY Magazine

+ NY Magazine: 2.1.2004

What you can buy for...$250,000

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+ NY Magazine: 10.26.06

Unioun Square Lofts: Get in on the Ground Floor

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The Real Deal

+ The Real Deal: 11/01/04

Brooklyn Rises in Developers' Eyes

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+ The Real Deal: 01/01/05

Permits Cause Brooklyn New Development Delays

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+ The Real Deal: 11/01/05

New Residential Developments

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+ The Real Deal: 04/01/06

Floor plans to floor buyers

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+ The Real Deal: 08/01/06

Residential Projects Join Retail in Union Square

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+ The Real Deal: 12/01/06

How Much They Make

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+ The Real Deal: 04/11/07

Upper East Side Gets Glassy

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+ The Real Deal: 11/01/07

These Days, It's a Cellar's Market

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+ The Real Deal: 04/01/08

Developers Afraid to Break New Ground

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TV/Web Coverage

+ CNNMONEY.COM: OCT 23, 2007


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Josh Guberman/Core Development Group Profile

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